Product Sourcing & Import

We create cross-cultural bridges helping our Customers run safe and predictable business with Chinese companies.

Consulting division of specialize in providing business solutions for each aspect of importing goods from China. We source manufacturers organize and overlook the manufacturing process. Besides we offer translation and operational services.

We are familiar with Chinese culture, language and business structures and know well how different they are from the Western ways. We have collected all necessary tools and know-how to provide efficient and effective operations securing your business and satisfying your objectives.

Our business representative in China has many years of experience working and cooperating with Chinese companies. This is why we can confidently offer our customers quick and professional service in the world’s fastest developing market.

Our services are not limited to:

  • market research to find the best suited suppliers for you
  • supplier audit
  • presence at trade fairs
  • providing samples of goods
  • price and payment terms negotiation 
  • supervision to ensure on-time delivery
  • inspections during manufacturing process
  • quality inspection before dispatching goods
  • translation services

Please kindly send your inquiries via Contact form. We will respond within 24 hours.