Responsible Shopping

Products listed on are unique in terms of its quality, value and price. Our electronics are functional and meet international standards, art and decos - distinctive, clothing's fabrics are safe, designs - aesthetic, furniture - comfortable, the scooters' life expectancy exceeds warranties and all the other products are affordable and worth trying out! All items listed on the portal are being permanently checked for their quality. Our connections with the suppliers are based on long-term foundations and through years of relations have reached the level of friendships.

That is to say we do strive to give our customers the best shopping experience and triple checking all the processes and products is a part of our daily jobs.

However, there may be some risks related to buying in China. They are not limited to:

Import. Buying products overseas actually makes you an importer and based on your location there might be some additional taxation tariffs imposed on your goods. is not able to keep records of all taxation tariffs for all 724,923 cats. of products in all 228 countries. Please make sure that you have a reliable source of tax charts, especially before purchasing products of large value.

Product's specifics. At times photography lies. At times it is just not clear enough. Still please look and think twice before you buy a red piece of clothing, because it can turn out to be a little pinkish... Or brownish? Naturally the same situation occurs when you shop on your local portals, difference being shipping costs are not the same, if you really want to return it. Please bear in mind that the goods will travel across the entire globe, and in order to avoid the risk we will not accept returns of goods based on "the minor elements do not match" or "I liked it in the picture, but later decided that I don't need it".

Delivery. We are trying our best to find a balance between the delivery time and keeping the price possibly low to guarantee free shipping or make it a part of the listed price. Delivery time can vary from 3 to 21 days depending on your location. If you however need the goods to be delivered within a week, please inform us about this before and we will suggest additional pricing.

Please remember: the goods need to travel the world to meet you at your door. If you are not convinced that you need them, alternatively an element invisible on the picture makes a big difference to you, please abandon your cart and search for other products, because refunding might be difficult. sincerely apologize for this particular shortcoming and misconduct and will try to improve this element in the future. ^^