About Chin★stic

Rumor has it that shopping in China was risky before CHINASTIC.com was born. That's right: CHINASTIC.com is here to become your favorite and absolutely safe eCommerce aggregator for your shopping endeavors in Asia.

We are expats. We've lived in Asia for years and love it.
And most of all we love watching the dynamic business environment evolve, quality of products improved, local R&D divisions growing and start-ups becoming multimillion-dollar enterprises within months.

We have worked in the local sourcing markets for years, dealing with purchasing for European wholesale and retail channels of every possible size and scope. We have done channeling works for dozens of Clients and shipped out goods valued for over 75 million dollars.

We have also been active in online advertising field, involved in brokering global Internet traffic. We have worked with all largest affiliate networks and direct advertisers which has made us specialists in search, display or keyword campaigns. Portals we manage are viewed 1.5 billion times monthly and have become a must-try medium for affordable traffic seekers.

CHINASTIC.com is more than a sales portal: its primary objective has been defined as a tool to eliminate all the dangers related with online shopping and import in China. All of us have met someone, or heard of a friend of a friend who has ordered goods from China, but after a year passed they were still waiting. Or they received the goods, just not the ones they ordered. Or they received what they ordered, just 2 sizes too little. Or the size was ok only instead of flash t-shirt they received a 3D panties with a kitty cat. Or they had to pay additional fees upon collecting the goods, or miscommunicated with the seller regarding taxation. Those problems will never occur, if you order from CHINASTIC.com.

Apart from the obvious purpose of the portal, CHINASTIC.com's key intention is delivering the Asian perspecitive to our audience worldwide. By exposing the product itself we hope to explain the functional context of those goods, which are at times so different, misterious and fascinating.

Shopping with CHINASTIC.com can be an adventure exceeding the regular shopping cart-filling impressions at your local sales portals. We want to share our passion for Asia by showing you a broad spectrum of extraordinary products at very competitive prices which may be very hard to find anywhere else.

Products on CHINASTIC.com are unique in terms of its quality, value and price. Our electronics are functional and meet int'l standards, art and decos - distinctive, clothing's fabrics are safe, designs - aesthetic, furniture - comfortable, the scooters' life expectancy exceeds warranties and all the other products are affordable and worth trying out! All items listed on the portal are being permanently checked for their quality. Our connections with the suppliers are based on long-term foundations and through years of relations have reached the level of friendships.

For reasons mentioned above we will not and cannot compete with the cheapest sourcers with price index; but we definitely can compete with quality of goods and service. Our products are compliant with EU/US standards and directives, and our carefully selected partners are known for their professional approach and understanding of the needs and motivations of our international Customers.