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Certified Round Synthetic Brilliant 6.5mm 0.88Ct

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About Charles & Colvard Moissanite :

  • This is White Color, Eye-Clean Clarity, Excellent to Good Cut Moissanite  Gemstone.
  • Moissanite has very few difference from Natural Diamond.
  • Its'Hardness is 9.25
  • Diamond Tester is an Instrument to check its quality as Moissanite.

What’s the different between Moissanite and other simulated Diamond?

The most important and largest difference from MOISSANITE and simulated diamond or zircons is the unprecedented hardness  expect for real diamond.Moissanite is the second hardest stone in the world expect diamond!! Which makes Moissanite test as real by diamond thermal tester!! And it will never fade!! Brilliant Forever!!

Is Moissanite Shinny?

For natural diamonds, the refraction index is about 2.42, while Moissanite is 2.65. It means that MOISSANITE shines more  brilliant than natural diamonds!!!! Much cheaper with great hardness and fantastic brilliance!! That’s the reason why we believe that Moissanite will replace  the mined diamond in a very short time!!

Do you Offer Certificate for Moissanite?

Yes, for Moissanite items over 1 carat we offer the original Blue Card Certificate from Charles & Colvard (US), the only one  manufacturer of Moissanite. Those certificates can be verified on its official website. For Moissanite less than 1 carat, you can go to the jewelry counter or examine center to test it if it’s genuine Moissanite!  If not, we’ll fully refund you


  • Moissanite Brand :    Charles & Colvard
  • Moissanite   Style :    Lab Created
  • Moissanite Shape :   Round Brilliant Cut
  • Moissanite     Size :   6.5mm
  • Moissanite Weight :  Approx.0.88Carat (Moissanite weight is about 10% lighter than natural diamond)
  • Moissanite   Color :  White Near-Colorless 
  • Moissanite  Clarity :  Eye-Clean
  • Moissanite Cut :        Exellent Cut
  • Testing:                    Diamond tester passed
  • Certificate :              Charles & Colvard

Package includes:

  • 1 x Gift Box & Standard Package  ( This item come with 1pcs round brilliant cut 6.5mm white moissanite )

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Certified Round Synthetic Brilliant 6.5mm 0.88Ct

Certified Round Synthetic Brilliant 6.5mm 0.88Ct

Certified Round Synthetic Brilliant 6.5mm 0.88Ct

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